AD | How Much Does a Resin Driveway Cost in Essex?

resin driveway

Resin driveways are increasingly becoming popular because more people are discovering their superiority. Resin, which is made of a combination of aggregate stones and resin, isn’t just reliable, but it’s also capable of draining very fast. They remain perfect through the changing seasons and will not hold any puddles when it snows or rains. Resin pavements are also visually pleasing and easy to maintain. Because of all the benefits, most people are now trying to find out resin driveway cost.

Before deciding to find out about the cost of installing a resin driveway, you have to consider several factors. You can check resin driveways pros and cons before proceeding.


A bigger driveway will not cost the same amount as a smaller driveway. Remember that the cost is usually estimated in square meters. The layout of the driveway also affects the cost with uneven layouts costing more. If the layout of the driveway isn’t easily accessible, the resin will take longer to install, thereby leading to more costs.


The purpose of the driveway will determine the depth of the resin. Driveways that will be used most of the time, like those in public places, will need a deeper depth. Those that are rarely used will not need more than 18mm depth. The deeper it is, the more the price. The fact that resin is made up of different types of aggregates also determine the cost. The aggregates are individually priced according to their sizes and natural properties.


The amount of work to be done on the surface where the resin is laid is another factor to consider. All resin driveway contractors will tell you they the cost of doing repairs is not the same as the cost of the first-time installation. The amount of cleaning, repair, and leveling that has to be done on the surface will all affect the amount you have to pay.


Resin driveways need stable edges, which means that if there isn’t an edge, then the driveway contractors will have to create one. Most of the time, aluminum edges are made if there aren’t other options like walls or slabs. Whatever the choice, you will have to spend extra money on the edges.


All the companies installing resin driveways Essex has will give you different quotations. The total amount may be the same in some cases, but the particular costs will differ. Most of these companies will charge the labor cost depending on the amount of work they have to do. Make sure you agree on a fixed total cost before commencing the work.


Based on the above, you should expect to spend between £45 to £70 per square meter. This price range mostly works for driveways that already have a strong base. In cases where the current driveway has to be removed to create room for a new concrete base, the price will go up to £100 per square meter. The cost goes even higher for resin driveways that have to be built from scratch. New installations may also go beyond £150 per square meter. These are average estimations that can change depending on the resin driveway contractors you hire.


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