What’s your face worth?

Having read Laura from Lelore.com post on the price of her make-up contents, I was intrigued to see what my face was “worth”. My post is based on a weeks worth of makeup that I use day to day. I for some reason find it hard parting with my money when it comes to purchasing make-up, but when I buy clothes it just flitters away… is that just me?! I don’t tend to spend too long on my make-up and I don’t really experiment much, but maybe this post will show me how bad I need to break these boundaries and just try more!


Clinique Stay Matte foundation – £22.50, Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder – £3.99, Benefit Hoola –£30 (sold as part of a gift set), Real Techniques Core Collection – £18.00, Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face – £24.00, Sleek contour pallete – £9.99, Revlon Colorstay concealer – £6.99

Face (cleansing routine):

LUSH Ultrabland – £7.25, LUSH Breath of Fresh Air toner – £7.95, Clinique Anti-Blemish, Cleansing Foam* – £17.00, Clinique Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion* – £18.00, Clinique Anti-Blemish All-Over Clearing Treatment* – £19.00, Origins Super Spot Remover Gel – £14.00


Maybelline Big Eyes – £8.99, Maybelline Volum’ Express* – £6.19, Clinique 06 Pink Quad – £7.99, Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner – £2.50


Collection Eyebrow Kit – £3.99, Benefit brow wax & tint – £18.50 (once a month)


Vaseline – £2.18, Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm – £7.99

Makeup bag: 

Betsey Johnson makeup bag – £25 (purchased as a set of 3)

Total: £274.52

I’m pretty surprised at how much it has actually totalled up to! I use a lot of high-street products as I’ve never really made the plunge to try out high end brands as I’m fairly money conscious and hate wasting things. I definitely plan on trying some high end make-up brands soon though, so any recommendations would be very welcome!

Items marked with an * were either gifted to me or sent to review.



  1. Christina Langner
    November 28, 2014 / 1:27 pm

    I love this post this is actually such a good topic and idea, what's your face worth never thought about like that! I love Clinic products as well btw!

    Much love xxx

  2. Millie C
    November 28, 2014 / 6:36 pm

    Loved reading this post, such a good idea. I would be scared to start totaling mine up :o)

    Over on my blog I am having a Jo Malone Fragrance / Candle giveaway if you wanted to enter:


  3. Melane de Haan
    November 29, 2014 / 4:06 pm

    Such a cool post idea! Those clinique products look divine!

    Melane | Pure Perspective

  4. Christina L
    November 29, 2014 / 10:10 pm

    love this post, it's like nosing into someone's bathroom lol. I would recommend Chanel aqua foundation. new follower 🙂


  5. Ariana Davarpanah
    November 30, 2014 / 2:02 am

    love this post and the idea
    I don't use much make up, so I guess that's why my money mostly goes to clothing as well:)
    Ariana // Thoughts Through a Teacup

  6. November 30, 2014 / 1:42 pm

    Oh gosh I dread to think how much I spend on my face – I think it might be scary!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  7. Danielle Harens
    November 30, 2014 / 4:15 pm

    Love such posts, don't think I spend that much on my face, since I don't use so many products. – I think.

    Dancing Shadows & Firelight

  8. S Jones
    December 3, 2014 / 2:30 pm

    it's surprising how much all of your makeup adds up to isn't it?! I'm actually thinking of doing a post like this but I'm a bit worried about what my face is worth! Haha x


  9. Lizzie Gines
    December 3, 2014 / 10:38 pm

    It's crazy to think how much we spend on makeup after reading this. I use a lot of similar products, so I'm intrigued to see how much my face is worth…I'll have to do this post at some point!

    I'm also running my first ever beauty giveaway on my blog right now if you fancy taking a look!
    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic

  10. December 6, 2014 / 8:01 am

    it's such a funny thing to think of – how much the makeup you wear on a daily basis costs. i know it would be pretty expensive for me, especially if you added in skincare, but most products last for several months, if not several years so you're probably not using too much cost-wise every day. but i'd hate to think how much my whole makeup and skincare stash would cost if you added it all up!

    little henry lee

  11. Carmen B.
    December 6, 2014 / 4:27 pm

    Wow, that's a pretty interesting post! I should calculate the price of my face products as well but I'm not sure I wanna know it xD

  12. Shanna Madrazo
    December 12, 2014 / 9:57 pm

    this looks like so much fun! I'm interested to know how much my face is worth too! I was thinking of having a pop 'round to Boots to look at any new products to try out – I doubt I'd want to after writing a post like this though lol

    Shanna |

  13. January 2, 2015 / 10:52 pm

    Your collection is lush, Hanna! I get so scared spending out on money, the most expensive thing I bought was a MAC foundation at £21.50 and I felt sick afterwards haha. You've definitely influences me to want to splash out a bit more though.

    Sam x | http://www.alrightsunshine.com

  14. jasmine harding
    January 13, 2015 / 5:26 pm

    Such a good post! Love your makeup 🙂


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