How to Create an Eco-friendly Garage

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Historically the most underappreciated area of our homes remains the garage. But thanks to makeover shows, now garages have become the focal point of a property, making a valuable addition to the selling cost. To make your property the hottest selling on the block is to renovate the garage from garage doors to the driveway, even better make it ecofriendly. Garage Doors Essex can help you with that.

An ecofriendly garden is not only a valuable addition to your home, but it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint. When you convert your garage to a nature-friendly unit, you are not making your place more livable but also doing your bit in saving the environment.

Here are the easiest tips to turn your garage ecofriendly:-

Start with changing the lighting

Most homes now use energy-saving lightbulbs. Not only the new lighting equipment is energy-saving, but it also cost around 75% less. While most homes in the UK have adopted the new lightings but a lot of them are yet to convert their garage. Your garage usually has some light fixtures, and it makes a large share of the total power consumption. Switching to CFB and LED bulbs is an excellent solution to save a lot of money on electricity bills. Designs like side hinged garage doors Essex require more lighting as they are used as a workroom or playroom where you spend a lot of time.

No Toxic Chemicals

Most of our garages are a haven of toxicity where we keep all kinds of chemicals like paints, cleaning fluids, fuel, and more. Some chemicals like anti-freeze are poisonous enough to kill small animals and children. Paints are also highly toxic with an array of heavy metals that can cause harm to the body when breathed. We often use the garage as a storage area for such toxic material to avoid accidents inside the house, but the chemicals still pose a threat to the environment. While rollaway garage doors protect against an accident involving toxic chemicals, it is still not an eco-friendly solution.

To keep your garage environment-friendly, it is better to use organic and natural products that you can store. Some paints contain minimal harmful chemicals like VOC. The same goes for cleaning supplies, as there are more organic alternatives available.

Insulate the Garage Door and Wall

Garage doors Essex is one most vulnerable point of failure for the home insulation. A lot of heat and air conditioning gets lost through the garage doors, but that’s something that can be fixed. Just buy cheap garage door insulation kits that are available online. If you have old metal doors that sap heat, you might want to contact professional garage door repair Essex and get it fixed.

Just as important is to insulate the garage walls, they demand a little bit of insulation to hold the heat in winters and cooling during summers. Spend enough time on keeping your garage insulated well to save money in the long term.

Fix the Cracks

A single crack is enough to cause significant power loss in your home through the garage. Most cracks in an average UK home are found in the garage. Doors, walls, and even the floor can have cracks. All you need is a few pence on fillers to fix these cracks and save a lot on energy bills.

Conserve Water

You cannot claim to have an ecofriendly garage unless you have an arrangement for conserving water. First, stop using fresh water for washing cars; instead, use conserved rainwater that will do an equally good job. All you need is to have a rainwater conservation funnel system on the roof of the garage. You can conserve the water in a large barrel and use it to water the yard and wash your cars. Another important step you can take is to have a green driveway. A green driveway is the one that is made from porous materials like permeable concrete and grass that allows water to pass through and prevent runoffs.


An ecofriendly garage is not just for reducing energy bills and increasing the price of your property, but it’s an act of preserving the environment for your children and pets. All it requires is a little effort from your end to renovate your garage with these tips.

Guest blog in collaboration with One Base Media.

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