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Sometimes you may not be able to afford to pay for renovations, but that shouldn’t stop you from improving your home and making it more aesthetically pleasing. One of the cheapest ways of achieving that is window treatment.

Windows are usually overlooked, but they play a significant role in how a house looks. Instead of perceiving them as functional objects, you can also view them as decorative objects that can transform your room from something boring to something breathtaking. There are several window treatment ideas you can try out, but it’s always best to compare them and choose the one you can afford. Those ideas will still allow you to get a fantastic view from your window while making the interior very beautiful.

Automated windows

With the continued rise of smart homes, you start transforming yours by adapting automated windows. You can make your blinds, shades, and shutters automatic and get multiple benefits like convenience, safety, and better looks. Many companies dealing with windows in Essex will be able to give you various options when it comes to how you can use the technology on the windows. This is a trend that is working for people with children as well as those who don’t. The automated windows aren’t just safe for kids and pets, but they also make your home more modern and will most likely add value to it.

Mixing colors

Initially, darker colors like Grey were trending, but that has changed to brighter colors. One of the best ways to make your room brighter is by adding bright colored fabrics like yellow for your drapes. If you don’t like bright colors, you can still have dull-colored drapes but with bright trimmings. This will bring a nice contrast, especially when it also contrasts and blends with the rest of the room colors. You can also go for reversible drapes with a dull color on one side and brighter color on the other side. Sheers are also very popular lately. A simple white sheer drape can bring more light into the room and make it look bigger. Choose curtains that hang up to the ceiling to make the room more dramatic.

No drapes

Frozen windows are also trending, and it seems like the preferable treatment for those who don’t like drapes. They give the privacy needed and make the room look more contemporary. They also make the room look neater. Window shutters are another great option for those going for a minimalistic look.

Energy efficiency

Double glazing windows is one of the best treatment options used by those who want to save more energy. Glazed windows are popular in urban areas because they block off the noise, and they also help regulate room temperature. Other energy efficient treatments include adding wooden frames or wooden blinds to the windows.

Retractable curtains are also a rising trend. The way they allow maximum light during the day and darkness at night makes them perfect. When looking for window treatment trends, it’s advisable to prioritize functionality. Any good interior designer or window treatment expert in Essex will give you professional advice that you can combine with your creativity to get the best results.


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