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dabbers bingo
I was a guest at the Dabbers Social Bingo launch night.

If you’ve been reading Hannatalks for a while, you’ll know that I love finding quirky and exciting things to do in London, like champagne brunch at the Gherkin, Lady Dinah’s Cat Eporium and Camden beach at the Roundhouse.

Bingo isn’t necessarily something I’d consider playing, but Dabbers Social Bingo is a new favourite thing to do in London that I didn’t know I was missing!

Dabbers Social Bingo

Dabbers is a contemporary bingo hall in Shoreditch, located just a short walk from London Liverpool Street. It’s the UK’s first (and only) purpose built contemporary bingo hall open 7 days a week. You can expect bingo like no other here – featuring a whole host of comedians, performers and musicians, dishing out huge prizes and winning bingo balls from a one-off custom built ball machine.

There’s also a full food and cocktail menu which you can order from throughout your time there, and lots of comfy seating to either sit on a shared table or in your very own booth. 

Another reason for Dabber’s being truly unique is their themed nights; including Dabbers Social Bingo Club on a Monday where every one taking part in the evening picks a favourite number and when the Yellow Phone dials, the lucky winner will be granted membership to the Social Bingo Club for 50% off your bill for life, or Bingo Voyage on a Friday where one lucky winner will win a holiday! There’s even Bottomless Brunch Club on Saturdays and Family Brunch Bingo on a Sunday – so there really is something for everyone!

Launch night

Jade and I went along to their press launch night in late January and it was hands down the best night out I have had in a long time! The venue is fun and welcoming, with a bar as you step into the venue and a cloakroom, and a flight of stairs leading down to the bingo hall. There’s plenty of seating to choose from and a handy bar to order cocktails, wine and beer from.

The host was fantastic and so much fun, explaining how to play Bingo and getting the audience hyped up. The bingo games itself were fun to play and easy to follow, with 2 girls calling out the numbers. We were treated to cocktails and canapés – taken from the full menu available. Jade and I nibbled on tiger prawn skewers, buffalo glazed chicken skewers, beef steak balls, haddock & parmesan arancini and burger sliders. The cocktails were deliciously and generously strong too!

We were asked to write our lucky numbers on a piece of card and at some point during the night, the phone would ring and whoever had their lucky number called would win a prize. Well – Jade had the lucky number and so she won the waving Chinese cat! It’s quirky little additions like this that really makes this bingo hall stand out. We also played other interactive games throughout the evening to win prizes, and karaoke tunes filled the room when the special disco ball was chosen in the Bingo machine.

dabbers bingo

Dabbers are great with getting people involved on social media too; every post on Instagram and Twitter that included the hashtag #dabbersbingo was printed out on a little polaroid print – which I thought was a lovely touch!


We had the best evening at the Dabbers Bingo launch and I honestly can’t wait to go back again; and hopefully win big next time!

I was a guest at the Dabbers Social Bingo launch night.

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