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I enjoy reading a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog posts on a regular basis. Since I started blogging in January, I’ve come across some really fab blogs that I regularly read and comment on. I thought I’d share my favourites with you and add some more love into the blogging community! I encourage you 100% to follow these 6 lovely ladies (if you aren’t already!). Feel free to recommend other bloggers (or promote your own in the comments below!) as I’d love to start the new year with some new blogs to check out 🙂

The Little Plum

Chloe is the queen of all sass queens. Her outfit points are on point every time and her obsession with ASOS may or may not be rubbing off on me. I love her conversational tone to her short n snappy posts, and her love for all things sassy. Seriously with Chlo you will not get bored of saying that word, it’ll merge into your everyday conversations.

Writing Essays With Wine

Emma is the sweetest girl I speak to. I enjoy reading her Uni posts and her honest and most heart felt emotional posts on mental health issues and general topics in the blogging community. I like reading her posts that cover topics like anxiety and stress, which have in turn helped me to calm down when I get myself into a mess some days! 


Em has the most incredible lifestyle posts. Ever. Her travels around S.E Asia and the beautiful photographs she captured in the process just makes me want to travel ASAP. Em is currently taking a gap year from uni and blogging about her move to Montreal; cue plenty of foodie posts, photography & life away from home.

Lily Melrose

I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded of how good a blogger Lily is. I have a tab open constantly, eagerly awaiting new posts! Her beauty reviews are my favourite because they’re quick and to the point, no flowery crap around the product. Lily’s travel posts are incredible too, definitely one to read up on.

The Lovecats Inc

Helens photography is immaculate 100% of the time. Her baking posts are probably my favourite, they will have you drooling. She always holds the most amazing giveaways on her blog and her collection of MK bags are to die for. I love her instagram feed too, always donning the most gorgeous nail varnishes!

Emma Griffy

Emma is definitely the kinda gal I’d love to have as a bestie! She has travelled to so many beautiful places in the world, fuelling my inner desire to travel one day. Her make-up tutorials are the bomb and her interior hauls are the best, she has the style of bedroom I desire the most!



  1. December 22, 2014 / 8:38 pm

    Ohh I've heard of some of these bloggers, and I enjoy them as well! I especially love the little plum, Chloe is just gorgeous! I can never decide whether I like her red lip or her nude lip better, both look stunning on her. I like love cats inc. as well, although I don't follower her as actively as I do TLP. I haven't heard of Writing Essays with Wine or Emma Griffy so I'll have to check those two out!

    Z. | J. POTTER

  2. December 22, 2014 / 10:41 pm

    I'll have to check these blogs out, they all look amazing! I love these kinds of posts, think it's great to spread some love around.


  3. December 23, 2014 / 4:07 pm

    Oh thanks for the recommendation I really like it your blog
    The design is so clean the content is very interesting too.
    Now I´m following you in GFC #50 and Bloglovin´#629 I hope your follow me back in both


  4. Cristina Sánchez
    December 27, 2014 / 6:31 pm

    Oh my, Chlo is one of my favourite bloggers, her style is amazing I'm always so jealous. Merry Christmas Hannah! xxx

    Crissy | My Cup Of Tea

  5. Emma Luxton
    December 28, 2014 / 9:02 pm

    Thanks so much for mentioning me babe! Means a lot that you enjoy my blog, and glad I've helped and always here to chat 🙂 <3
    Emma xxx
    Writing Essays With Wine

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